RADIO 74 - Annecy Geneve Annemasse Gex Chamonix Oyonnax.INTERNATIONALE

   My God shall supply all your needs...


Glory to God! 
...for the liberty to sing His praises and to bring Bible truth into thousands of hearts and homes across the Americas!



Urgent needs...

Towards upgrading KSJL to 50,000 watt, our FM station in the Denver, CO, area. The station remains off the air while being moved to the new antenna site.

$1,000 yet needed for required environmental study.  Extremely Urgent!

$25,000 needed to bring electrical power to the new tower site.  

We're confident God will supply in time.

Overall project needs:  $350,000.


And the ongoing operation budget is in the red by $26,000.  Satellite bills, power and other site rentals are past due.  Bless you for your regular gifts.

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Note:   please clearly indicate to which station project you'd like your donation to be applied.  Unmarked donations are use for operations.


Donations for on-going operations about $26,000 behind.

                            Annual Operating Budget

                                     During 2015  -   $ 185,000


 RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE isn't a commercial business.  We are a faith ministry, a non-profit association.  No one receives remuneration.  All directors, managers and staff are unpaid volunteers.   We are not financed, backed or controlled by any particular denomination or religious organization.  We are entirely independant... yet totally dependant on the providence of God, who supplies through faithful listeners and stewards.

      Please contact us by phone, letter or an e-mail with your name, street address, phone number and amount.  And please let us know what are your most and least favored programs.


Donate Using your Visa or MasterCard

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     Listeners pledge and regularly send financial support by check, on-line or via a monthly standing order arranged with their local bank.

     If you've come closer to Jesus, have grown in knowledge of His Word, or your heart has been touched by RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE programmes and beautiful Christian music, we thank you for your prayers and regular cash gifts.

     Note: Donations are income tax deductible in the USA. This minsitry is recognized by the I.R.S. (501c3).

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May God bless you and multiply your gift back to you many times over!

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