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Listen to RADIO74  across America's radio stations.

Click on your area's label to find the station nearest you

or click HERE to listen online. 

No RADIO74 station near you?  

Try Listening via

Internet, TV or satellite.   

1.  Listen to RADIO74 on your phone or computer! 

From click on Listen from the top menu or Play on the Home page.  

2.  Listen to RADIO74 on your TV set
If you have a 3ABN TV station in your community which has been converted to digital transmission, you'll discover RADIO 74 on one of the channels.  No picture, just beautiful, inspirational sound!


RADIO74 can also be heard through MY SDA TV.  For more information on this service visit

4.  Free-to-home Satellite Radio

Using an inexpensive parabolic satellite antenna, you can get crystal clear reception from RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE almost everywhere across North and Central American, and the Caribbean.  

Radio74 broadcasts 24/7 on the Galaxy 19 satellite in your sky at 97° West.
Ku-band for North America, including the Caribbean

  • Position: 97° West

  • Frequency: 11 842 MHz

  • Polarity: Horizontal

  • Symbol rate: 22 000

  • FEC:  3/4

It's free!  No satellite subscription fees. 

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