RADIO 74 - Annecy Geneve Annemasse Gex Chamonix Oyonnax.INTERNATIONALE- AMERICAS
An independent, non profit broadcasting organization
committed to finishing the gospel commission to all the world in this generation

A Unique Christian FM Radio Network
on satellite across North America

Administrative Office:
PO Box 716
Ridgecrest, CA 93556-0716

Direct: (760) 375-2355
Toll Free in USA: (855) 711 7474
E-mail: ejwitzel@mchsi.com

Network Broadcasting Studio:
BP 388
74163 St.Julien-en-Genevois

Studio phones
   USA Direct: (269) 281 3674
 Toll free in USA: (855) 711 7474
France:  045 043 7474
Switzerland: 022 501 7865
E-mail:  contact@radio74.org

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Updated January 16, 2015

     Happy Birthday RADIO 74

RADIO 74 - Europe celebrates 33 full years of service on January 17, 2015.

On this day in 1982, just after midnight, the first test transmission lasting about an hour was broadcast using a tiny 15 watt Italian-made transmitter through a small antenna attached to the lightening rod on the roof of a friend's home located on a hill in France overlooking Geneva, Switzerland.

Remarkably, several people heard that first live broadcast and wrote to compliment the station, the first ever English speaking radio station in France, and the first FM radio station of a religious character ever to be heard in Switzerland.  There remains few of either in these countries.

On January 19, 1982, RADIO 74 became the first radio station of the region to continuously transmit 24 hours a day thanks to simple, avant-garde, home-built automation technics.

Later that first week, a major Geneva newspaper published an article about the "free radio" phenomenon which prominently featured RADIO 74, and because of its excellent sound quality, speculated over who was behind it.  Who was bank rolling the station?  

"We chuckled as we looked down at our humble, mostly borrowed equipment which consisted of one microphone, two turntables, a cheap audio mixer, an audio compressor, oneMontaubanRonAtMike-2014 Revox tape recorder, and the homemade automation system which, for lack of a table, was set up on the floor of a friend's home," recalls Ron Myers, founder of the station. "The entire start-up budget was $2,000."

Since then, God has blessed marvelously.  RADIO 74 Europe has grown into a regional network of 7 FM transmitters in the NW Alps of France.  It’s heard on the powerful “Hot Bird” direct-to-home satellite in 75 countries, and since 2014 strong regional digital audio band DAB+ bouquets in Geneva and Zurich rebroadcast the station.  The potential local audience is over 3 million people.  The station is essentially listener supported and operates with a mainly volunteer team of program producers, journalists, technicians and office staff.

RADIO 74 fostered RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE - USA in 1998, and continues to provide us programming and technical 
support.  Indeed all programming you hear across MontaubanStudio2014North America emanates from the rustic RADIO 74 facility, on temporary loan, at St. Cergues, Haute-Savoie, France, part way up a mountain, with a view overlooking Geneva, Switzerland. A new studio building is under construction which should be finished before next winter.

The eyes and ears of the world 
have been riveted on France in recent days after deadly terrorist attacks. Of course only a miniscule fringe ever take up arms to harm people with differing views.  Indeed, quite a number of RADIO 74 listening friends are of the Muslim faith, which is approaching 10% of the national population.  They find this radio station attractive because of its similar (Biblical) views on diet (no pork or other unclean meats), abstinence from alcohol, proper dress, and respect for people of various religions and philosphies.

Over the years, people of all faiths, or none at all, have come to know God better through RADIO 74, and thousands have been led by the Holy Spirit to become happy, baptized, Bible-believing Christians.  Thank you for praying for the exceptional ministry of RADIO 74 Europe which is providentially placed to reach out to highly secular people of a hundred nationalities who live and work in that region at the crossroads of Europe, bringing them the love of Jesus and Bible truth.

Learn more at:  www.radio74.org 


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