RADIO 74 - Annecy Geneve Annemasse Gex Chamonix Oyonnax.INTERNATIONALE- AMERICAS
An independent, non profit broadcasting organization
committed to finishing the gospel commission to all the world in this generation

A Unique Christian FM Radio Network
on satellite across North America

Administrative Office:
PO Box 716
Ridgecrest, CA 93556-0716

Direct: (760) 375-2355
Toll Free in USA: (855) 711 7474
E-mail: ejwitzel@mchsi.com

Network Broadcasting Studio:
BP 388
74163 St.Julien-en-Genevois

Studio phones
   USA Direct: (269) 281 3674
 Toll free in USA: (855) 711 7474
France:  045 043 7474
Switzerland: 022 505 7474
E-mail:  contact@radio74.org

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Updated December 2, 2014

    Annual pledge campaign...on now!


RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE has survived another tough year.  Praise God! But donations were soft this year.  About $50,000 are needed before end of December to finish the year in the black.  We're confident every listener will help cover these expenses, and pledge to help keep this ministry alive during 2015.

How much to send and how frequently?  That's for you to prayerfully decide. Then with firm resolve contact RADIO 74 by phone, e-mail or letter.  How very precious are your pledges and gifts!  ...so very much needed, appreciated and wisely spent for the salvation of souls.

Click here for information on how to donate. Thank you ever so much!

Autumn-Winter Newsletter

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August 15, 2014

              Victory !

       FCC filing fees paid on time

A total of $6,507.86 were wired to the FCC on Monday, August 4th.

Glory to God!  And our deepest appreciation to each person who donated to make phase two of the "Mission Alaska" project successful.  May God multiply your gift back to you abundantly!

Now due, $1,000 for attorney fees to the man who skillfully prepared and filed the FCC application, and $3,000 for the consulting radio engineer who did a masterful job on the technical section.   Thank you for continuing to support:

                "Mission Alaska"

Wonderful news!   The unbelievable is happening again!  

RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE (USA) has sensed God calling to build a powerful AM radio station at Anchorage, AK.  ...a station to reach that city of 350,000 people, and at night covering the entire State of some 735,000 people with the Everlasting Gospel.  It will also be heard in neighboring Yukon of Canada.  Of special interest is to reach some 110,000 native Alaskans living in the vast interior where there are no roads for hundreds of miles.  AM radio is the only way to bring the everlasting gospel to these precious people.

Recently, an associate of RADIO 74 won an FCC auction to obtain the AM frequency of 1200 KHz at Chugiak, a suburb of Anchorage, with maximum power of 50,000 watts.  RADIO 74 listeners sent $34,000 to pay the auction fees.  A thousand thanks to everyone who participated!

Once the FCC grants the construction permit, we'll have a maximum of 3 years to build this extraordinary radio station for Jesus. 

Revised estimated construction budget: $300,000.

We're not there yet, but by God's grace, we're inching closer.  Let's take things a step at a time, trusting God to supply all these needs on time.  He has promised, and Jesus never fails.

Make checks payable to:

                            RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE
                            1209 W. Robert Avenue
                            Ridgecrest, CA 93555

...or donate here on line. 

Make sure to mention this donation is specifically for:

                  "MISSION ALASKA"   Anchorage AM Radio Station  

Many, many thanks to everyone who prays and donates to this exciting project!


And here's another...

The Colorado Miracle

                 "Mission Denver"

I love the word "impossible".  What to man seems impossible, is to God a mere wink of His loving eye.  The  latest in a long series of Divine interventions will soon make it possible for
KSJL, Strasburg, CO, to become a 50,000 FM station, reaching into the Denver metro area.

Getting permission to build a new radio station and getting it on the air can take an eternity.  Non-commercial educational KSJL first filed it's application for a license in 1999.  RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE acquired the construction permit in 2010.  The station was built and licensed in 2012 but under conditions which were unsustainable.  Here's the story.

In mid-summer 2011, just weeks before KSJL planned to file an application with the FCC for a site change and power increase, a NYC businessman, a speculator, bought an FM channel at aution in southern Colorado (97.7 FM, the same channel as ours).  From so far away, both stations could have operated on the same channel without mutual interference.  But then the man requested FCC permission to move it to reach the Pueblo, CO, market.  This was too close and would block our planned move to a buffalo ranch on a high hill from where our station could increase power and cover a much wider area.  With the FCC, in such cases, it's "first come, first served."  We were distraught at the potential loss, and began praying for God to intervene.

By all appearances, we had no chance of winning, but we felt strongly impressed to file a "petition to deny" the application of the encroaching radio project.   We asked counsel of experienced broadcaster friends who saw no way to change things.  Just the same, we hired a communications attorney who at first thought we would lose.  But we remained confident that God would do the impossible.  Within a few months, God revealed to our lawyer a small but significant flaw in the offending application.  It was a flagrant violation of a recently published FCC rule which made their move illegal.  Yet their application had been so brilliantly presented that, if not challenged, the FCC would not have suspected the error.

Long story short, after more than two and a half years of legal wrangling, the FCC recently announced their decision.  The arguments of RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE were accepted and the opposing application was denied. The other station would not be allowed to move into our territory.   This left KSJL free to ask FCC permission to move to the buffalo ranch with full assurance of approval.  
All glory to God!
God is mighty, and not to be toyed with.  He who determines the boundries of the seas and appoints the foundations of the earth also sets limits on those who would hinder God's work.  

Dilligent planning has begun to move KSJL to it's new transmitting site.  A lease will soon be signed.  Local permits are being requested for the 400 foot tall tower.  A three quarter mile power line will bring electricity to a much stronger transmitter.  A precision antenna to be built by the best manufacturer in the nation will assure maximum coverage in a radius of some 75 miles.  

If all goes to plan, this new $350,000 voice for Jesus will cover much of the Denver metro area of some 2.8 million people, as well as a vast rural area eastwards to the Kansas state line.  May the Lord use this new FM radio station to win many, many souls for His kingdom!  

If God is touching your heart to donate to this project, click here to learn how.

Urgently needed help

$8,000 for the required environmental study.
$25,000 is now needed to install electricity at the new transmitter site.  Nearest power is 3/4 miles away.  This must be done by end of October.  KSJL remains off the air until this gets done.  When you donate, please mention your gift is for "Mission Denver".   We thank you graciously!

Make checks payable to:

                            RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE
                            1209 W. Robert Avenue
                            Ridgecrest, CA 93555

Donate on Line


God is Faithful

RADIO 74 Engineering Services assisted 36 local churches in November, 2013, prepare and file their FCC applications for new Low Power FM stations.

24 of these applications, scattered across the US, have already received their FCC construction permits.  And we're hopeful that many of the rest will yet be granted.

In recent months RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE has received FCC permits to build 14 more FM translator stations, to extend coverage of existing stations.

This means that RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE programs of hope and inspiration will soon be heard in 38 or more additional towns and cities over the next 12 to 30 months.

Your prayers and donations are needed more than ever as we work together to bring the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world, including here in the neglected mission fields of North America.

Contact us for more information.  ron@radio74.org

Or call 855 711 7474, extension 2 (studio)

Station Update 

NEW full power FM STATIONS now on the air

WRLP        Orange, VA*                      89.1
WRAO       Wisconsin Rapids, WI*     91.7

Tune in and show others how to listen!

Licensed stations which have technical problems and are off the air, especially needing your prayers and financial help
KJSA       Jonesboro, AR* 
KSJL        Strasburg, CO        
KRSF       Ridgecrest, CA  
KRSR       Ridgecrest, CA
KQQA       Shelton, Kearney & Hastings
WGBT      Tomahawk, WI*

Licensed, operating stations with FCC permits for major upgrade in power

KJGS      Aurora, NE                    to 100,000 watts  
KSHM     Show Low, Az               to 50,000 watts
KIEL        Loyal, OK*                     to 50,000 watts
WGHW    Drakes Branch, VA*    to 50,000 watts
WAOM    Mowrystown, OH*         to 35,000 watts

                              How to contribute

New stations coming in 2014-15

Klamath Falls, OR*            89.9  FM
Minocqua, WI*                    88.7

...and from Florida to Alaska 30+ Low Power FM stations* plus 14 FM translator stations.

         ( * ) means an affiliated, but independent, locally owned and operated station,
 to which RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE furnishes programming and technical support.

Join us in prayer asking God to supply all these needs on time!


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Free-to-home Satellite Radio

Using an inexpensive parobolic satellite antenna, you can get crystal clear reception form RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE most everywhere across North and Central American, and the Caribbean.  It's free!  No satellite subscription fees.

We broadcast 24/7 on the Galaxy 19 satellite in your sky at 97° West.

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