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  • It’s official!

    Yes, that's right; It’s official! As of this Friday afternoon, May 15th, that big AM radio station in Denver on 1510 KHz belongs to God! The Lord opened the way for RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE to acquire it. The old rock station KCKK closed down today. If all goes to plan, and the final technical problems can get resolved, next Friday, May 22, 2020, the new KPLS will sign on the air with glory and praise. It’s first full day on the air, Sabbath, will be filled with glorious music of the kingdom andtestimonies by you our new listeners. Call us beginning Sabbath May, 23rd. Phone 855 711 7474, ext. 2 or 3. Beginning at 6am Mountain Time. We only have two lines which will be busy so keep calling until you get through. Have your brief testimony ready for broadcast. This program will also be carried live over the entire RADIO 74 network in the USA, and also on our European network serving Switzerland and adjacent France. Tell everyone you know! In the USA and Canada listen on line: In Europe and elsewhere in the world listen on: Glory to God


    Dear friend, MISSION DENVER is a plan to bring the Everlasting Gospel to Denver, Colorado, using a strong 24 hour a day radio station. RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE senses God leading us reach this vast sprawl of 3 million people, to finish the gospel commission here. On Friday we learned of a powerful, 10,000 watt AM radio station for sale for 1/3 of its market value. I’m asking you to help us buy it. People of the world with lots of money are plotting to buy it. The first serious offer of $675,000 cash will get it. Present owners bought it 10 years ago for $1.6 million and its well worth that amount. More information attached. For details, please phone or text me: +1 269 903 8701 God bless you, your prayers and your support! All glory to God! Ron Myers


    SOS - MISSION SWITZERLAND - SOS Our contract to broadcast in Switzerland will be cancelled if transmission fees are not paid by Monday, October 29th. We’re send out an SOS! RADIO 74‘s financial situation is especially alarming this week. We lack $12,000 of the 17,000 needed to pay our4th quarter Swiss DAB+ transmission fees. On October 1st, we were granted a one month reprieve. But since then, local listeners have donated less than 1/3 of what’s needed. If we can’t pay by the final deadline of Monday, October 29th, we are threatened with losing our Swiss radio broadcasting contract, with no hope of ever regaining it. Please pray with us for God to intervene. And if He’s speaking to your heart to give, thank you for not resisting too much! Feel free to pass on this information to everyone concerned. When God opened a very wide door to MISSION SWITZERLAND four years ago, RADIO 74 became the first radio station of a religious character ever authorized to broadcast on Swiss soil. The Lord gave us the two largest cities, Zurich and Geneva. Later, Lausanne and Sion were added, and we’ve been promised coverage of Neuchatel, Yverdon and Friburg in the near future. By God’s grace we hope to eventually reach the entire country. What a golden opportunity and privilege to provide Gospel radio programming 24/7, potentially reaching 42% of the Swiss people! St. Peter’s Cathedral, Geneva, Switzerland is in rapid transition from AM/FM radio broadcasting to DAB+. More than 4 million DAB+ radio receivers have already been sold. OFCOM (the Swiss Office of Communications) is set to deactivate all remaining FM radio transmitters in Switzerland by end of 2024, leaving DAB+ as the only remaining radio broadcasting standard. Broadcasting in DAB+ is giving us unprecedented opportunity! But it has added $70,000 per year to the already tight RADIO 74 austerity budget of $250,000. And because RADIO 74 is based in France, it doesn’t qualify to receive State funds that all Swiss based radio stations are entitled to, a subsidy of up to 80% of their DAB+ transmission costs. We are diligently working to obtain this status. RADIO 74 currently faces two challenges: 1) creating appropriate radio programming in French and German. 2) finding adequate, reliable, ongoing funding to maintain this growing ministry. Again, thanks for your prayers and financial support. May God bless as, together, we seek to bring Present Truth and Hope to the wonderful people of Switzerland, seeking to conclude the work begun here by J.N. Andrews in 1874, in anticipation of Jesus soon return. Kindest regards, in the love of Jesus, Ron Myers RADIO 74 Telephones: 855 711 74 74 (Toll Free in North America) 760 375 2355 Donations can be made on-line: Europe USA (IRS income-tax deductible) 1209 W. Robert Avenue Ridgecrest, CA 935

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