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Dear friend,

MISSION DENVER is a plan to bring the Everlasting Gospel to Denver, Colorado, using a strong 24 hour a day radio station.

RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE senses God leading us reach this vast sprawl of 3 million people, to finish the gospel commission here.

On Friday we learned of a powerful, 10,000 watt AM radio station for sale for 1/3 of its market value. I’m asking you to help us buy it.

People of the world with lots of money are plotting to buy it. The first serious offer of $675,000 cash will get it. Present owners bought it 10 years ago for $1.6 million and its well worth that amount.

More information attached.

For details, please phone or text me: +1 269 903 8701

God bless you, your prayers and your support! All glory to God!

Ron Myers

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