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It’s official!

Yes, that's right; It’s official!

As of this Friday afternoon, May 15th, that big AM radio station in Denver on 1510 KHz belongs to God! The Lord opened the way for RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE to acquire it.

The old rock station KCKK closed down today. If all goes to plan, and the final technical problems can get resolved, next Friday, May 22, 2020, the new KPLS will sign on the air with glory and praise. It’s first full day on the air, Sabbath, will be filled with glorious music of the kingdom andtestimonies by you our new listeners.

Call us beginning Sabbath May, 23rd. Phone 855 711 7474, ext. 2 or 3. Beginning at 6am Mountain Time. We only have two lines which will be busy so keep calling until you get through. Have your brief testimony ready for broadcast. This program will also be carried live over the entire RADIO 74 network in the USA, and also on our European network serving Switzerland and adjacent France. Tell everyone you know! In the USA and Canada listen on line: In Europe and elsewhere in the world listen on: Glory to God

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